FP-35 Spin Dryer / Basket Centrifuge

“Mini Brute” model, ideal for work cells or production lines

FP-35 Spin DryerThe FP-35 Mini-Brute is a low profile (22” clearance) spin dryer for fresh-cut vegetables. The easily accessed controls allow the operator to select the right speed and cycle time for each product. For increased productivity the cycle starts automatically when the lid is shut, and automatically opens when the cycle is complete. The compact size footprint and clean stainless steel construction make the FP-35 the perfect spin dryer for commissaries, institutional kitchens and processors.

The FP-35 spin dryer works great along side our Helical Wash Systems or the DT-35 dip tank, and is perfect for drying leafy products, root vegetables, and various dewatering applications




  • 35 pound capacity (dry weight)
  • Three cycle speeds – 400, 600 and 800 RPM
  • Stainless steel construction – type 304
  • Rugged 1-1/2 hp motor
  • 20 gallon food grade basket
  • Low profile for easy basket removal
  • Internal timer with easily accessible external selector switch
  • Automatic start upon lid closure
  • Auto-locked lid during cycle time
  • Auto-open lid when cycle completes.

Basket Carousel

OPTIONS: Basket Carousel

The basket carousel is designed to facilitate loading of de-watered and washed produce from the Helical Wash Systems. Empty baskets are positioned in the basket carousel and the operator rotates the empty basket under the discharge of the Helical Washer. After it is filled, the next basket can be easily rotated in place. The full basket can then be transferred to the FP35 Spin Dryer.


Model FP-35Capacity / Dimensions
Width 29.6 Inches
Height45.4 Inches
Depth40 Inches
Basket Capacity35 Pounds / 20 Gallons
Drain Height11-1/2 Inches
Spin Speed400, 600, or 800 RPM
Timer RangeExternal selector switch for three drying times
Utilities230/460 volt / 3 or 1 phase
80 psi / .5 cfm
Shipping Weight550 lbs