Maestro XL - Pepper Corer / Wedger

The Maestro XL utilizes the same design concepts as the Maestro SO, but the carousel size is increased to accommodate­ date larger products, such as peppers. The pushers are pow­ered by a combination of servo motors and linear actuators, which provides for precise control of the product coring and cutting.

The product is placed in the carousel and is held by an upper and lower set of food grade silicon fingers. The product indexes to the cutting station where it is pushed through the blade. Cores and product are discharged separately onto the conveyor belt, which has a divider down the center.

Maestro SD CutterPeppers can be cut in half or into strips depending on the type of blade mounted in the machine. The Maestro is designed for two operators each feeding opposite sides of the machine.

Now with Servo Drives



  • Processes up to 90 pieces per minute, with two operators
  • Separates cores from finished product
  • Finished product- halved, quartered, or eight pieces
  • Standard core size is 2 inches
  • Divided chute at discharge end of conveyor
  • Servo drive pushers
  • All pneumatics have been eliminated



  • Feed system to bring raw product to operators



Maestro XLDimensions / Utilities
Width150 Inches
Depth46 Inches
Overall Height76 Inches
Utilities220 or 440 Volt 3-phase
Weight1,525 lbs.