Maestro Wedger-SD

Maestro Wedger - Unique carousel cutting system perfect for wedging and coring apples, pepper coring and slicing, wedging tomatoes, citrus or onions.

The Maestro Wedger cutting system is a high output fruit and vegetable cutting system - up to 100 pieces per minute. The unique carousel system holds the product gently but firmly in place and is perfect for wedging, wedge/core and petal cutting applications.

Maestro SD Wedge Cutting SystemThe Maestro loading carousel can be easily adjusted to run larger or smaller products, with the product discharge easily configured to fit unique customer needs. The discharge chutes from the two cutting heads can be configured to feed a conveyor, or easily changed to feed separate bins. Cores are cleanly separated from the finished product and discharged down a coring tube.

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Maestro WedgerDimensions / Utilities
Width67 Inches
Depth39 Inches
Overall Height90 Inches
Utilities220 or 440 Volt 3-phase
Weight590 lbs.


  • Processes up to 100 pieces per minute, with two operators
  • Separates cores from product
  • Wedge, wedge/core and petal cut capabilities
  • Easy blade changes
  • Adjustable discharge chute configuration
  • Variety of wedging blades and core sizes available
  • Adjusts to handle larger and smaller products


  • Feed system for apples
  • Treatment tank for apples, specifically designed to fit under maestro system

High Output Fresh Cut Apple System

HOM Fresh Cut Apple System - Pre-wash, wedge/core, controlled treatment, drainage belt, optional air knife, optional Nature Seal monitor and control System available

The HOM Fresh Cut Apple System is a complete system to pre-wash, wedge/core, treat and air dry fresh cut apple wedges. The system is capable of cutting and treating 100 apples per minute (1,500 to 2,250 lb/hr). The cut wedges fall directly into the treatment bath, while the cores pass through to the waste chute. Residence time in the treatment bath is variable from 45 seconds to two minutes. Optional discharge air knife and Nature Seal control system are available. 

HOM Fresh Cut Apple System

Model HOMCapacity / Dimensions
CapacityUp to 100 pieces/minute (2,250 lbs./hr.)
Width85 Inches
Length26.5 Feet
Height84.62 Inches
Utilities230V / 60Hz / 3 phase
460V / 60Hz / 3 phase
80 PSI, 1CFM
Tanks Capacity
Gallons - Nominal
Recirculation Tank = 70
Treatment = 55
Load/Soak = 165


  • Wedges drop directly into treatment tank
  • Cores are separated and drop into waste chute
  • Compact size fits most work environments
  • Easy load carousel 
  • Adjustable residence time - 45 seconds to 2 minutes
  • Adjustable pump speed
  • Adjustable discharge belt speed


  • Blade and plunger options
    Wedge - 4, 8, 12, 16 segments
  • Core Size - 25, 30 , 35mm 
  • Air knife - over discharge belt
  • Natural Seal monitor / control system
  • Hopper conveyor to load pre-wash tank