Wedge Maestro Jr. Apple Treatment System

F2000AT Fresh Cut Apple SystemThe Wedge Maestro Jr. Apple System is a combination wedger/corer and treatment system for fresh cut apples. The compact system is capable of cutting and treating 40 apples per minute. The cut wedges fall directly into the treatment bath, while the cores pass through to the waste chute. Residence time in the treatment bath is variable from 45 seconds to two minutes. Optional pre-wash feed trough and discharge air knife are available.

Ask us about our high capacity lines up to 2500 lbs/hr.


  • Wedges drop directly into treatment tank
  • Cores are separated and drop into waste chute
  • Compact size fits most work environments
  • Cam action - constant slicing pressure
  • Adjustable residence time - 45 seconds to 2 minutes
  • Adjustable pump speed
  • Adjustable discharge belt speed


  • Blade and plunger options
    • Wedge - 4, 8, 12, 16 segments
  • Core Size - 25, 30, 35mm
  • Air Knife - over discharge belt
  • Pre-wash feed trough
  • NatureSeal monitor and control


Wedge Maestro Jr.Capacity / Dimensions
CapacityUp to 40 pieces/minute
Width28 Inches
Length93 Inches
Height72 Inches
Utilities230V / 60Hz / 3 phase
460V / 60Hz / 3 phase
Tank CapacityRecirculation tank - 13 gallons
Treatment tank - 10 gallons
Total Weight600 lbs