Watermelon Washer

Flume to Sanitize MelonsWatermelon Washer

The Melon Washer is designed to sanitze melons
prior to peeling. The melons are loaded in the feed
end of the washer and the jets push it to the exit conveyor. The pump speed is variable to accommodate various sized melons and dwell time. An automated sanitizer monitor and control system can be easily added to the wash system. Other confirgurations are available to meet the specific needs of each processor.

Types of Applications:
  • Washing and cleaning all types of melons.
  • Can be easily connected to a chiller system to maintain a 34 degree water temperature.
  • Easy to incorporate automated sanitizer monitor and control system.


  • Jets and manifolds are removable without tools
  • Stainless Steel Construction
  • Welded manifolds with sanitary fittings for easy
  • Available with our without exit conveyor
  • Adjustable wash intensity
  • Adjustable product retention time
  • Large drain valves for easy clean up.


Watermelon WasherData
Electrical System230 - 460 Volt / 3 phase / 60Hz
Current30 Amp (230 Volt) / 15 Amp (460 Volt)
Wash Path of ProductDependent on design