Automatic Versa Peeler™

Versa PeelerThe Versa Peeler System offers the processor a complete peeling, de-seeding, and dicing solution. The operator places the melon into the peeling compartment and after removing their hands, the cycle begins. The melon is peeled, topped and tailed and split in half. The two halves discharge onto the exit conveyor. From there the operator de- seeds the melon halves and places them onto the dicer belt for cutting into chunks.

Ask about our complete peeling line - peeler, transfer conveyor, trim table, and dicer.


  • Easy Operation
  • Yield of 60% or better
  • Peels, tops / tails, halves
  • No tearing
  • Easy to handle waste
  • Up to 360 melons per hour
  • Complete system layout


  • De-seeder and vacuum (3 sizes for various seed pockets)
  • Various spacers to control peel depth
  • Easily coupled with trim table and melon dicer
  • Pineapple splitting blade with coring tube


CapacityUp to 6 melons / min.
Dimensions49" x 31" x 91.5"
Supply Voltage230 volt / 3 phase
Compressed Air75 PSI / 6 CFM
Fresh Water60 PSI / .5" IPS
Total Weight1850 lbs