TRADE SHOWS2021 North Star Pack Expo Las Vegas

2021 North Star Pack Expo Las Vegas

Week of September 27-29, 2021

Join us in the Upper South Hall at Booth # SU-7858

New Products - 2016

Maestro Pepper Corer – The standard Maestro Cutter was redesigned to accommodate whole peppers.  The gentle holding system accommodate a wide range of pepper sizes.  Various blades sets are available to core and wedge peppers for further cutting to julienne strips or kabob squares.


Shower Wash – The new wash system can be used as a stand alone, or next to a Helical Wash System.  The standard system includes a easy to use touch screen and temperature sensor to monitor the water.  It is available in one station wash or two.


Watermelon Washer – NSEP has redesigned its Watemelon Peeler to produce peeled melons for juice processors.  The peeler can accommodate melons up to 18 to 20 inches in length.  Peels and end caps are discharged out the rear of the machine and peeled melons exit down a discharge chute.