Melonium II Wedger / Dicer

Melon DicerMelonium Cutting System - Optimizes cut regularity / Maximizes yield.

The Melonium Dicer cuts melon halves into perfect random chunks to give the final product that "hand cut" appearance . Peeled and de-seeded melon halves are placed on the indexing conveyor onto specially formed centering guides.
The two step process first cuts the halves into wedges and then into chunks in this unique cutting process.

The machine disassembles easily and quickly, without tools, for cleanup or blade changes . Several different size pre-cut blade assemblies are available to cut chunks from less than 1 inch to 1-3/4 inch.

Be sure to inquire about complete melon peeling and dicing systems utilizing the Melonium II Dicer.



  • Wedges drop directly into treatment tank
  • Radial pre-cutter provides optimal chunk size
  • Aligns melon to reduce scrap
  • Capacity - up to 27 melon halves per minute
  • Quick release latch - for easy removal of radial blade rack
  • PLC controlled
  • Two-step shaker design to remove fines
  • Quick change from chunks to wedges
  • Easy to load and clean
  • Simple blade changes


  • With 6-blade pre-cutter - 1" x 1" x 3/4"
  • With 8-blade pre-cutter - 1" x 3/4" to 1" x 5/8"
  • 3/4" cube cut available



  • Trim Table
  • Versa Peeler


Melonium II SystemSpecifications
Width84 Inches
Length81 Inches
Overall Height62 Inches
Load Height36 inches
Discharge Height23 Inches
Total Weight650 lbs. (approx.)
Electrical230 Volt / 3 phase

Melonium II Brochure (pdf)