FP-95 Centrifuge

Perfect batch drying for leafy or root vegetables

FP-95 CentrifugeThe FP-95 is an easy to use batch centrifuge system with a capacity of up to 1950 pounds of product per hour. It is self-balancing, which means no special foundation is required. The design is simple and easy to maintain, with easy access to external grease points for the bearings and heavy duty stainless steel construction. This is the perfect solution for dewatering applications – including leafy products and root vegetables.

Our pneumatically assisted lid opener provides increased productivity for safe and easy operation – starting automatically when the lid is shut, opens when the cycle is complete, and remains locked during the cycle run time. The remote control panel may be mounted away from wet areas, in an area most convenient for your operation.

The FP-95 gives you easy to set speed control (3 speed settings) allowing the exact dryness for various products. The digital timer is easily adjusted and located on the remote panel, and an easy to read tachometer is on the machine for quick quality checks.


  • Safety / Ease of Operation / Productivity
    • Automatic start when lid closes
    • Lid automatically locked during cycles
    • Automatically opens when cycle ends
  • Three Speeds – 800, 1000, 1200 RPM
  • Heavy Duty Stainless Steel Construction (304 stainless steel)
  • Stainless Lifting Yoke
  • 130 Pound Capacity (dry weight)
  • Remote Control Panel – wall mountable away from wet area
  • Rugged 5 HP Motor
  • Digital Waterproof Timer
  • Easy to read Tachometer
  • A/C Inverter Drive
  • Proximity Sensors instead of micro switches – eliminating moving parts
  • Grid Liner – for more complete drying
  • Basket Dolly
  • Optional Overhead Crane


Model FP-95Specifications
Width41 Inches
Depth47 Inches
Height50 Inches
Capacity / Batch130 lbs. (dry weight)
Capacity / Hour1950 lbs.
Basket Diameter30 Inches
Basket Height18 Inches
Drain Height16 Inches
Drain Size3 Inch (diameter)
Shipping Weight1400 lbs.
Motor5 HP
Electrical208, 230, 380, 460 volt / 50 & 60 Hz / 3 ph. -
30 amp service
Pneumatic6-80 psi / 2 cfm

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