Basket Shower Wash

Basket Shower WashDesigned to work with NSEP Helical Wash Systems and FP40 spin dryers.

Designed to handle small batches of product and avoid costly changeovers on the larger Helical Wash Systems.  The Shower Wash is made to connect to the chilled water from the Helical Wash, so additional chillers and sanitizer systems are not required.  The shower head is designed to provide even flow over the entire basket, by means of a powerful 2 hp sanitary pump.

All piping connections are with sanitary 3A clamps, which makes it easy to disassemble without tools for cleanup.  A fine mesh screen over the pump tank removes fines.

The Shower Wash has three stations, one deck, wash, and drain.  Open stainless rounds allow the baskets to slide easily through the system.  The shower wash pump runs for a preset time once the start button is pushed


Length72.5 Inches
Width43.5 Inches
Height68 Inches
Utilities10/5 Amps, 230/460 Volts, 3 Phase
Capacity79 Gallons